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Adult Learn to Row - Q & A 

Everything There is to Know About Learn to Row Classes (Almost...)

Do I have to have rowing experience? 

No! 95% of all Learn to Row students are complete beginners.

How many session are in a LTR class?

5 sessions, you meet twice a week for 2.5 weeks

How long is a session?

The session is 2 hours.

What are the fees?
The 2017 LTR class fee is $200. Fees are non-refundable.


What will I learn?

Class topics include safety, equipment handling, terminology, and of course, lots of rowing technique. Students learn to row in our modern fleet of boats. All equipment is provided. Our professional coaching staff teaches the class with help from MRC member volunteers. The teaching doesn’t end when you leave the dock. Our instructors are with you, on the water, every step of the way. All students receive a MRC T-shirt and a student manual.
How “fit” do I need to be to row? And do I need to be a specific physical type?
MRC has members of all shapes, sizes and ages! Rowing is an athletic endeavor so the more fit you are, the better, but the focus in Learn to Row is on proper technique and having fun (and you will get a physical and mental workout!). If you have concern about a physical limitation, please contact us.
What should I wear?
General rule of thumb is nothing too baggy. A rower’s clothing is the same as that of a cyclist or runner. Tights and spandex are ideal, but shorts, sweats, or comfortable pants are fine. Pants should not be too baggy as they could get caught in the movable seat wheels. And don’t forget a hat and/or a good pair of sunglasses for sunny weather. Always bring water in non-breakable bottles to drink during hot weather workouts. In cool weather, wear -layers of close fitting garments. MRC has complete locker room facilities with showers so you can change before or after class if necessary.
What kind of shoes do I need?
You don’t need shoes for rowing, only socks. The boat has built-in clogs or shoes for your feet. Wear a pair of loose shoes that are easy to take on and off on the dock.
What if I miss a class during my Learn to Row session?
You must contact your coach to check on the availability of attending a different session. If you must miss more than 2 classes, it is recommended that you sign up for a different class session.
How many people are in each class?
Each class is limited to 10 rowers. We try to keep the numbers low to ensure good instruction for each participant.
What if there’s bad weather?
Classes always meet at the scheduled time! We will row in light rain, provided other conditions are favorable. If inclement weather prevents getting on the water, land based instruction will replace the on water session. 
Where are you located? Where should I park?
Our boathouse is underneath the Lake Street Bridge at East Lake Street and West River Parkway South. Parking is on side streets off of Lake Street–we recommend parking on West River Parkway just north of Lake Street, or on 48th Avenue South, just south of Lake Street . For safety reasons, we don’t recommend parking underneath the Lake Street Bridge on West River Parkway. Because we are down a path within the Mississippi River Gorge, please allow about five minutes to walk from your parked car to class.
My class is over…but my rowing career isn’t! Now what?
Become a member of Minneapolis Rowing Club! You can join the MRC Novice Team. Talk with your LTR coach or our Program Director about becoming a member.
Let’s talk about attendance, cancellations, and refunds….
Attendance at all sessions is very important. Please contact us if your schedule changes. Minneapolis Rowing Club does NOT provide refunds for any reason, but it may be possible to apply your fee to another class, depending on availability.
See you on the Water!

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